This tower site is located in North Indianapolis. 4901 West 56 Street 46254

We now have tower space available for additional Cellular Carriers, LP FM stations, Wireless Internet antennas, and Microwave antennas. Contact Ron Crider 772-913-2209 for further information. We even have provided space for additional diplexed AM stations on the new AM tower. We also have additional building space for Transmission gear. June 1, 2016 we now have 3 completed towers on site. (2) for cellular, LPFM and Microwave, (1) for multiplex AM,

New, Satellite Delivery Service: Now available Satellite delivery service for stations that don’t have the ability to locate a C band dish at their studio or for emergency use when your satellite dish becomes damaged. Please click here for more information.

190 Foot New Tower # 3 at WXLW Site Completed April 2016


11/6/15: Electrical Power turned on for the entire site

11/3/15: New AM 234 tower completed.

9/18/15: Electrical in New Broadcast Building started.

9/17/15: New Broadcast Building foundations are completed. Indiana Power staked out new 1600 amp service.

9/14 and 15, 2015: The New 150 foot Cellular tower was completed.

150 Foot Cell Tower Completed 9/14/15
150 Foot Cell Tower Completed 9/14/15

9/11/14 Our new Tower # 1 will delivered Monday September 14 at 8 AM. This will be a 150 foot Sabre Monopole type tower. The tower will be used for Cellular and communications antennas. This website will be constantly updated as to the progress of the installation as well as additional improvements.

There will be a larger 190 foot Sabre Monopole tower installed on the same property in November 2015. Both towers are designed for any type of Communication antennas.

In addition to the two Communications tower being installed at this site an additional 230 foot, base insulated tower will be installed for WXLW AM 950 1 KW in October. This tower is designed for additional AM uses. The site has been engineered to multiplex additional AM stations on the broadcast tower.